Hashback Hashish, Flopiwitxch & more

Hashback Hashish, Flopiwitxch & more


21 July 2018


Walkin Studios


REproduce Drones - Session 13

Words: Rana

HASHBACK HASHISH (New Delhi/Lucknow, India)

the first time we met was either at samrats house in 2010 or in a sort of passive engagement maybe at the erstwhile TLR around the same time. i can’t remember. i haven’t seen him in a while, but we still talk pretty often. he’s there in bangalore for work for a while. we tried some other venues but i think one closed from haemorrhaging money and the other suggested there is some ban on live music in bangalore, both of which are totally likely as reasons actually and i don’t know if that’s totally ridiculous or completely normal in bangalore to be honest. also i noticed the pork shop on hutchins road got a paint job, which is such a bad move really. did you ever see that smoking pig with the wristwatch and pocket protector? he was great. he’s gone now.


Hollis Coats + Sandeep Madhavan + Jeet Thayil (Not Sure Really, India)

the first time i met jeet was i think at the goa lit fest in 2012? december? we were sitting around a table with some other humans and i then i went to a room and i produced a bottle of whisky? i used to do that a lot, like, pull out the magic bottle of whisky. i used to do it in dumb places. i used to have a flask too, i think karan has it now. i actually don’t know. i bought that in shanghai once, it was shiny and without any embellishment or suggestion and i was drawn to it. i was pretty good at whipping out the bottle wherever from my pants and so on. i was a walking byob event. kind of like this maybe. maybe i’ve transposed a sentiment i once held into a recurring physical arena. who knows man. also i don’t know the other two people but i’m sure they are nice.


Flopiwitxch (Bangalore, India)

"Won't fit into your jigsaw by fitting into your jigsaw (emoji)"


Hashback Hashish

The music of Ashish Sachan confronts you with a simplicity that is both earnest, but also misleading - if you drill down there are details that only a pair of headphones (and perhaps a taste of his adopted name) can reward you with. Firmly rooted in the minimalist tradition, his narrative offers something for electronic music fans across the spectrum - committed geeks who respect musical history on one end, and on the other, those who could care less about the past and just want to lose it on a dancefloor. His 2015 release 'Brevity' is a must listen to if one wants to get a sense of what is going on in India right now, masterfully merging local motifs with relentless programming sophistication.



Hashback Hashish


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