5volts, United Machines & more

5volts, United Machines & more


6 June 2018


The Habitat


Rs 300

Dropped Out (Bombay, India)

In the hopes that writing this question may generate this conversation, I have no idea why he calls himself Dropped Out. There’s lot of connotations here; studio references, institutional ennui, a general alienation. Why does one “drop” acid anyway? Where did that come from? “Snort”, “smoke”, “shoot”, these I can understand. But “drop”? Once I had a backpack that was made by a skateboard company called “DROP” and my friends at the time thought I was lightweight. I’ve gained some weight since then.

United Machines x 5volts (Bombay/Kolkata, India)

We’re just water and electricity.

The Realm (Bombay, India)

Here we have another iteration of Brij’s brain put to amplification, and a first for us and him it appears as well as he’s yet to present The Realm to a public. In a parallel and not so distant past I recall when he performed from a sort of balcony situation at the former antiSOCIAL in Khar as DISQUIET, though I am not suggesting this particular iteration of Mr. Dalvi has anything to do with that, though in stating it I render myself bare to exactly that suggestion, so my hands are tied and it’s too late and I should just throw myself into a whirling cylinder of knives.

CymbiaN (Bombay, India)

In India, alprazolam is marketed under the trade name of Alprax.

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