Shash & Chaz & BIS3CTOR

Shash & Chaz & BIS3CTOR


6 May 2018


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi




Growing up on an electric diet of house and techno, Bis3ctor is hard to pin down musically, starting at an early age of 18, it took only a few years for him to find his strongholds. Now a regular fixture at SHC club scene Bis3ctor has shared the stage with well know artists.


Shash & Chaz

Shashwat Trivedi and Akshay Chaz aka Shash & Chaz began DJing individually since 2011 before collaborating as musicians. Their sounds encompass lush atmospheres, vivacious bass lines and their tonality leans towards the more moody, melodic and dark spectrum, while remaining musically inclined and staying true to the dance floor. They have played alongside international acts such as Dubfire, Jody Wisternoff. Jay Lumen, Bart Skils and many more.



BIS3CTOR Shash & Chaz


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