Dauwd, Rishon Bondal, Weird Sounding Dude, Ashwin + BLWR

Dauwd, Rishon Bondal, Weird Sounding Dude, Ashwin + BLWR


8 July 2017


blueFROG Bangalore




This man's talent and work speak volumes. He creates music with complexity most contemporary producers shy away from.


Rishon Bondal

Rishon Bondal is part of a new breed of Indian dance music DJ/Producers. A distinct personality and a flair for reckless abandon are what represent him and his music. To describe Rishon's productions and style, one word comes to mind: groovy. His works often fall into the realms of house music, futuristic disco and electronica while at the same time remaining solid, timeless.


Weird Sounding Dude

Weird Sounding Dude is the alter-ego of Abhijith Hegde. DJ turned producer who runs his base from Bangalore, India. His spectrum aligns on the emotions of the listeners and these frequencies ensures that the listeners are driven through a time lapsed musical journey.


Ashwin + BLWR

An audio visual duo challenges the observer to a play with associations, they allow the observer to fill their work with their own content. Graphic image buildup and obscure color treatment result in the general framework of the visual process.



Dauwd Rishon Bondal Weird Sounding Dude Ashwin + BLWR


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