MediumRare Weekender

MediumRare Weekender


7 December 2019 - 8 December 2019


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi



Yoan Rodriguez Lokier is a DJ and producer from Mexico City.


One of the most enigmatic and charismatic figures of house music, Moodymann's voice has been clearly amongst the loudest when it comes to preserving the rich heritage of Afro-American music. A cult music hero, a significant part in his appeal lies in remaining resolutely unknowable. An artist who doesn’t make music for the masses to dance to, but rather for the small majority that listens, strangely enough this is an ethos quite resonant to us as we cater to quite a niche ourselves. Think simple loops, filters, atmosphere, unsettling synths, jerking drums, here is a man creating house music where you can hear the grit soaked into every groove.

Sq. Feet

Sq. Feet is a hip-hop act created by Sachin Sharma.



VRIDIAN is an electronic music project based out of New Delhi, India. Crafting together melancholic melodies and driving grooves, this project is the brainchild of music producer Vir RC. Having explored a wide spectrum of dance music since its start with Siddhant Jain in 2017, VRIDIAN now hovers everywhere in, around and between free form electronica, deep house and melodic techno.

During its brief stint in Vancouver, the project became a resident at the city's acclaimed after-hours nightclub ‘Gorg-O-Mish’. Upon his return, VRIDIAN has covered ground across India, sharing line ups with names such as ATEQ, Djuma Soundsystem, Dave Seaman, Drunken Kong, Isolee, Joyce Muniz, Lost Desert, Martin Roth, Pete Oak and Telepopmusik. Inspired by a versatile range of musical influences and a sure-shot passion for the craft of DJing, VRIDIAN is also striving in his time in the studio with releases on international imprints such as Traum Schallplatten, Nie Wieder Schlafen and Dream Culture.



A new direction, a new train of thought. N*hilate is an attempt to experiment with a new soundscape to create a sound that's fresh and funky.



Sanil Sudan aka FILM lives suspended between two worlds. Oscillating between deeply moving, emotional electronic music with a sonic vision that pulls together elements of house and techno with influences from hip-hop, jungle and even pop music. Productions range from straight-up dance floor jams to low-slung ambient tracks and more abstract compositions.


Stalvart John

Stalvart John found his home in electronic music about a decade back when he discovered artists like Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, and Robert Miles. Stalvart's podcast "In a Mind Place" is quite popular in the Indian underground community. Not bound to genres, this podcast takes listeners on a journey through his current and old favorites. Known for his deeper take on dance music and his unconventional attitude, he’s contributed to the initial uprising of Kerala’s electronic music scene.



The multi-talented Murthy’s abiding passion has seen him conceive his own celebrated brand of music – a variant of house, techno and bass with influences from his upbringing of hip hop, soul, funk, disco reggae and early 90s crossover electronica music. Yet that’s not even his superpower, which lies in his dedication to all variants of his craft and his work as an author, composer, sound designer and creator. Apart from perfecting crossover forms of electronic music as a DJ in clubs and festivals, he is also a cutting edge producer and radio host for Pioneer India’s monthly radio show where he plays a unique mix of IDM, dub, electronica and indie music.



GoodMostlyBad is Gurmehar Bedi's sobriquet as a DJ, producer, and radio host. Born in Chandigarh and raised in Pune, Gurmehar moved to Doha to pursue her passion for being an environmentalist while sharing her fearsome sound constructions. A self-taught musician, GoodMostlyBad productions are a realm of intimate thoughts, discoveries, and experiences of a woman navigating through life on her terms.



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