Kampai & Rahul Indoria

Kampai & Rahul Indoria


31 August 2019




Rahul Indoria

Rahul Indoria, currently based in Kolkata, started off his career shuffling between two clubs - Xrong Place(Kolkata) and The Silver Spring(Kolkata). After putting in a lot of hard work and having created a goodwill for himself he finally cracked the deal with Venom, which was Kolkata’s word for night-club back in the day. Rahul has a penchant for versatility. He plays moombahton with just as much ease with which he plays commercial house.



Kampai brings the world of bass music into life with quirky sets and music which will leave your head popping up and down. Being influenced by a wide range of sounds and genres of music, Kampai is always up for experimentation in his sets. Primarily a future bass and trap enthusiast, Kampai is aiming to push boundaries in the Indian electronic music scene by introducing the future bass sound through his DJ sets. His Influences are San Holo, Rustie, AWE, Hudson Mohawke, Flume, Graves, Alison Wonderland, Pusher, BeauDamian, G Jones, Jai Wolf, MR Carmack and Sam Gellaitry.



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