Madboy, Paloma & Ben Yugen

Madboy, Paloma & Ben Yugen


4 July 2019


Khar Social


Ben Yugen

Fresh off the boat, Ben Yugen throws down fresh & happy sounds on the dance floor, highly influenced by funk, disco, house and hip hop from DJs and artists like Kool & The Gang, Toni Smith, Chip E, Krystal Klear, Jayda G, Purple Disco Machine, Denis Sulta, Mele to name a few.



As half of Madboy/Mink, and prior to that, as frontman for The Pulp Society, Imaad Shah’s career to date has spanned film, theatre, and of course, music. In in 2016, he began to explore a slightly different musical experiment under his solo project as Madboy, one that explores live sequencing, analog gear, his guitar, and lyrics sung in both Hindi and English.



Based in Mumbai, Paloma Monappa is a colourful operator of a myriad of sounds, and storyteller whose DJ sets are a vivid translation of her life's experience. Her passion for world travel, nature and adventure are central elements of her work as a model, actor and discovery channel host. Her DJing has taken her across India from urban clubs to outdoor festivals, and to the sunny shores of Sri Lanka. Worldly in her outlook, eclectic in her range and inspired by soul, her choice of music aims at moving people. Paloma is also one half of the DJ duo AlgoRhythm.



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