Vachan Chinnappa & Etienne Sangita & Laila

Vachan Chinnappa & Etienne Sangita & Laila


4 May 2019


The Humming Tree


Etienne Sangita & Laila

Etienne Sangita hosts a Radio show in Austria (FRSKG) and played for several venues in Europe and Asia (Linz, Well, Vienna, Salzburg, Prag, Munich, Bangalore, Cochin, Kuala Lumpur) His music field is focused on rare grooves and ascetic beats from all over the world. The repertoire includes Boombap Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Dub, Roots and Afrobeat. It all depends on the venue if a mix or a pure genre related set will be played.

This time Etienne will be playing his set with his daughter, Laila, who shares his passion for vinyl and music.


Vachan Chinnappa

Vachan has been instrumental in nurturing the drum and bass scene in Bangalore. With a sustained effort and persevering spirit, Vachan has literally helped drum and bass 'arrive' in Bangalore at Bacchus (from 2008 to 2011). His repertoire is massive and the energy he creates on the dancefloor is certainly unparalleled.



Vachan Chinnappa The Humming Tree


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