Owlist, Dolorblind, Flying Dead Crow & More

Owlist, Dolorblind, Flying Dead Crow & More


24 March 2019


New Delhi


Location: Safdarjung Enclave



Dolorblind is the solo electronic music project of New Delhi-based music producer and visual artist Rohan Sinha, otherwise known as Dolo. Combining his disparate influences, from post-rock to hip-hop, Dolorblind's music lingers in the blank spaces between avant-garde hip-hop and dark, alienating soundscapes, with long aching melodies, surging, dramatic crescendos, and hectic drums that slam the mix into the red. Dolo is also a member of the music collective Jwala.


Infinite Jar Space

Infinite Jar Space is Ikagar Saini's experimental moniker - one under which he lubricates the inaccessible reaches of his brains hemispheres, giving rise to expression embedded in a general sense of dissonance.



Nitesh Jhurani is Owlist as a Jaipur based hip-hop record producer.


Flying Dead Crow

Flying Dead Crow aka Nawdeep Sharma is a producer from Dehradun.


Yung Umlee

Yung Umlee is a beatmaker/producer and rapper from Chandigarh.



APPROACHING is an electronic producer from New Delhi.



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