The Librarian & Anu$hka

The Librarian & Anu$hka


1 March 2019


Khar Social


The Librarian

The Librarian is Andrea Graham, all the way from Canada's westernmost province of British Columbia. She has been producing and performing music for over a decade. Her sets move through a plethora of low-end frequencies, tying together grime, footwork, jungle, dancehall and half-time drum & bass.


Kiss Nuka

Kiss Nuka is the new evolved 
expression of Anushka Manchanda – a revered voice in the
 Indian music industry with almost 20 years of experience. Raw, eclectic and phantasmic, Kiss Nuka is a global award-winning music producer-artist-activist 
of Indian descent. She fearlessly bends genres 
 creating uncensored and immersive audio-visual 
experiences like Kashmir, Don't Be Afraid, Ayo Burn. Her free-spirited love for nature and activism 
translate into thought-provoking pieces mixing 
 electronic bass with ambient layers, electro-pop 
 melodies and a hint of roots. Being an early adopter of cutting edge technologies, 
like Dolby ATMOS, she invites audiophiles and discerners to her world that is one with nature.



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