Anhad + Tanner & Samar Mehdi

Anhad + Tanner & Samar Mehdi


22 February 2019


OddBird Theatre
New Delhi



Samar Mehdi

Samar Mehdi is a percussive finger-style guitarist and singer-songwriter from Bhopal. He released his debut EP 'Urooj' in April which received a rave response and appreciation for its underlying wisdom and honesty. His recently released playthrough video of Martbaan, based on a poem by June Huzun (of the same name) brings together his poetic and musical talents and was met with the same warmth and admiration.


Anhad + Tanner

Anhad + Tanner is a duo based in New Delhi, India and Durham, North Carolina which focuses on making music inspired by their respective backgrounds - Anhad’s being based in the sounds of Asian underground and Indian electronica and Tanner’s coming from contemporary jazz and western classical.



Samar Mehdi Anhad + Tanner OddBird Theatre


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