Jamblu, Hashback Hashish, Toymob & More

Jamblu, Hashback Hashish, Toymob & More


30 September 2018


New Delhi



Hashback Hashish

The music of Ashish Sachan confronts you with a simplicity that is both earnest, but also misleading - if you drill down there are details that only a pair of headphones (and perhaps a taste of his adopted name) can reward you with. Firmly rooted in the minimalist tradition, his narrative offers something for electronic music fans across the spectrum - committed geeks who respect musical history on one end, and on the other, those who could care less about the past and just want to lose it on a dancefloor. His 2015 release 'Brevity' is a must listen to if one wants to get a sense of what is going on in India right now, masterfully merging local motifs with relentless programming sophistication.



Bedroom jams, post dance ambient, lounge,



Ashhar Farooqui as Toymob, makes for one part of Teddy Boy Kill & also, IJA.


Da Saz

Da Saz is an experimental artist and synth geek (along with being an Indophile) who shuffles between Switzerland and India.



Shivnakaun MediaArts / Studio , an audio-visual curatorial arts project & label, exploring innovative possibilities of expression in the field of new media art creation via compositions, performance, installations and online broadcasts (LiveRoom).



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