'diFfuSed beats' To Launch EP In Delhi Later This Month

7 August 2012

diFfuSed beats is the production duo of Ish Shehrawat (New Delhi, India) and Konrad Bayer (Munich, Germany).

Within this project, they record sounds of New Delhi, with the objective of creating an audio spectrum of the experience of inhabiting the city space. Synthesised out of sounds, noises and field recordings that were recorded in various locations around India they try to engage with sound as a philosophical and social reverberant, not just as an aesthetic object.

On 15 August diFfuSed beats will launch their latest EP on Entity Records closely followed by the launch of the complete CD on Sound Reasons on 18 August. The launch party will feature experimental sounds and electro-acoustic music featuring Ish Shehrawat (edgeCut | diFfuSed beats | Sound Reasons), Andi Teichmann (Teichmann Brothers), Brian Citro and Ignat Karmalito.

Performances on the evening will consist of improvised electronic music and sounds from across a wide spectrum of experimental and ambient influence with a focus on ‘found sound’ and ‘the unheard’ along with some compositions from the new diFfuSeD beats CD.

The launch will be held at the Devi Art Foundation, Sec 44, Gurgaon at 6.30pm on 15 August. You can hear a preview of the album below:



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