Listen: BLOT! Album Preview

27 July 2012

Listen below to a sneak preview from BLOT's new album due for release very soon.

This dreamy, thoughtful and sub fueled track is a world away from anything we’ve heard from either BLOT! or Peter Cat Recording Co. It comes as a refreshing wave bringing something completely new to the Indian electronica table in the form of a collaboration between two of the Delhi's most exciting acts. The reverb and distortion on PCRC's lead singer Suryakant’s voice creates a very strong and distinctive sound that we hope to hear a lot more of in the future.

The track titled Tatemae comes from a Japanese word describing the contrast between a persons true feelings and desires (honne (本音?)) and the behavior and opinions displayed in public (tatemae (建前?), literally "façade").

You can hear the collaboration with PCRC below and as well as a preview of the moody opening track of BLOT's much anticipated debut album, below that:

BLOT! Feat. PCRC - Tatemae

BLOT! - 9283


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