Listen:‘Persons. Elastic. Superior. Fantastic’ By Madboy/Mink

Listen:‘Persons. Elastic. Superior. Fantastic’ By Madboy/Mink

18 July 2018

Madboy/Mink have put out a brand new EP titled ‘Persons. Elastic. Superior. Fantastic’.

Minimal synth pads, swirling astral eddies and, consistently pulsating bass lines crafted around Mink’s icy-vocals come together to dictate the final mood of ‘Persons. Elastic. Superior. Fantastic’.

The 4 track EP deviates from their former funk, soul and swing driven aesthetic to an unreservedly disco sound inspired. Think cosmic realms from the 60s; occasionally imitating classic Nintendo beats struck in astral hums.

'Persons. Elastic. Superior. Fantastic' also includes a track featuring the late Karan Joseph who’s compositional genius delivers itself in ‘Plastic Elastic’, one of the standout tracks on the album.

You can listen to ‘Persons. Elastic. Superior. Fantastic’ here or, listen to the preview below:

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