James Zabiela Heads Over To India For 3 City Tour

23 May 2012

Still only 24 and first introduced to the world of acid house through his father who worked in a local record shop at the tender age of 12, Zabiela has been a genre defying production and performance powerhouse for a number of years. Although his early days saw him stand by his signature style of breakbeat and house, more recently, he has been regarded as a tech house DJ yet still incorporating breakbeat music into his varied sets.

Today, the Southampton based producer and DJ is world renowned and one of the most prolific artists on the planet. Over the last 10 years he has played countless gigs the world over, some era defining like his ongoing (8 years and counting) residency at Space in Ibiza to one off shows like Exit Festival (2006) where Goldie MC’d over his set. Also known for his turntable skills, extensive use of loops and effects and the use of Pioneer CDJ-2000s and EFX1000 as well as Ableton Live with various controllers and sometimes even his iPad, Zabiela first gained fame in 2000 by winning Muzik Magazine's Bedroom Bedlam competition and Best Bedroom Bedlam DJ in 2001.

Zabiela also tested the new pioneer DJM800, the CDJ1000MK3 and the EFX 1000 at the 2006 Frankfurt Musikmesse whilst consistently helping Pioneer Electronics develop their top of the line DJ gear including the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 media turntables.

Fusing the latest breakbeat slates into dark swathes of deep tech house is the key to Zabielas sound. A heady mix of bump-laden melodies and subtle, soul-stirring chord changes...

"I play a mixture of all styles which I believe is a style in itself. I like to go smoothly from one style to another. Why put boundaries on yourself? A typical set varys depending on the slot I'm given but if was to play the whole night I'd go from deep house to techno and breakbeat(...)It's important to entertain as well as educate. It's all about finding the balance. People have paid good money to have a party but you still need a balance - Anyone can mix two records to a degree" - James Zabiela

James is now confirmed to play 3 dates this June at blueFROG Delhi and Mumbai as well as Pebble in Bangalore. Dates and venues can be seen below:

- blueFROG Mumbai: 22 June
- blueFROG Delhi: 23 June
- Pebble, Bangalore: 24 June



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