Watch: Kolkata Tapes #2

4 May 2012

T.L Mazumdar is an experimental electro artist who straddles his time between Germany and India. He has played with Nelly Furtado, toured with Ravi Shankar's tablachi Tanmoy Bose's band and performed at jazz festivals around the world.

Last year he held a concert with musician friends and mentors Amyt Datta, Monojit Kochu Datta and Jivraj Singh in Kolkata which was filmed and turned into Kolkata Tapes #2.

Kolkata Tapes #2 was originally planned to be a more elaborate and official recording, however, beaten by the local traffic the concert had to begin without a camera man or recording facilities.

This mini doc is made up of bootlegged material from the audience and is a curious and engaging insight into this collective of musicians.

"Internationally, people still tend to think of Indian music as all about sitars and tablas but much before the globalisation of India, these were the people who had enough faith in their art to answer their true personal artistic call and help younger generations to answer their own as well" - T.L Mazumdar

You can download a free bootleg of Kolkata Tapes #2 here



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