Listen: New Single From Delhi Based 'Switch Bitch'

27 April 2012

Some of you may remember these guys from Wild City #018, in the form of their debut TREES EP.

One of the most exciting Indian electronica acts to storm onto our radar, Switch Bitch is a 5-peice outfit currently consisting of Abhinav Chaudhary, Nikhil Kaul, Abhishek Bhatia, Anshul Lall and Anupam Roy.

Their latest single titled ASTROCLAD comes once again as a free download via their SoundCloud and is a resoundingly beautiful track swept with melodious melancholy, ambiance, and raw emotion. The winning account of an act that understands their own creative range, never afraid to push the boundaries.

"We believe in uncompromising pretty-ness and making things that will incite mixed emotions at best. Do we dance to this? Do we kiss? Do we bask in it? Or must we hold hands and move around a jungle fire? " - Switch Bitch

You can hear and download the track in full below.



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