EU Film Festival Heads To 7 Cities Across India

13 March 2012

Commencing in Delhi on 14 March 2012, the internationally acclaimed European Union Film Festival will travel to 7 Indian cities with 25 films over the coming weeks (Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa and Hyderabad). The screening of these handpicked films, each from a different EU Member State, aims to manifest the European unity in diversity through the central theme of love.

"Themed on "Europe in Love", narrating many engaging stories, the festival will showcase different shades, contours and nuances of that feeling, and will offer the viewers a heady cocktail of cultural uniqueness that Europe is known for."

The list of films showing can be seen below (linked directly to trailers via youtube). You can also head over here to view the full country-wide schedule.


Country Title (English) Title (original) Director Director Running time
1 Belgium My Queen Karo My Queen Karo Dorothée Van Den Berghe 2009 105 min
2 Bulgaria Something More About Love Още нещо за любовта Magdalena Ralcheva 2010 93 min
3 Czech Republic You Kiss Like God Libas jako buh Marie Polednakova 2009 116 min
4 Denmark Aching Hearts Kærestesorger Nils Malmros 2009 125 min
5 Germany Poll Diaries Poll Chris Kraus 2010 129 min
6 Estonia A Friend of Mine Üks minu sõber Mart Kivastik 2011 90 min
7 Greece A Touch of Spice Πολιτική Κουζίνα Tasos Boulmetis 2003 108 min
8 Ireland Once Once John Carney 2007 80 min
9 Spain Camino Camino Javier Fesser 2008 143 min
10 France Romantics Anonymous Les Emotifs anonymes Jean-Pierre Améris 2010 80 min
11 Italy Weddings and Other Disasters Matrimoni e altri disastri Nina Di Majo 2009 102 min
12 Lithuania Tadas Blinda. The Legend Is Born Tadas Blinda. Pradžia Donatas Ulvydas 2011 110 min
13 Luxembourg Bride Flight Bride Flight Ben Sombogaart 2008 130 min
14 Hungary Chameleon Kaméleon Krisztina Goda 2008 105 min
15 Malta Kont Diġa' Kont Diġa' Mark Dingli 2009 92 min
16 Netherlands Sonny Boy Sonny Boy Maria Peters 2011 131 min
17 Austria Black Brown White Black Brown White Erwin Wagenhofer 2011 100 min
18 Poland Dance Marathon Maraton tańca Magdalena Holland-Łazarkiewicz 2010 97 min
19 Portugal Beauty and the Paparazzo A Bela e o Paparazzo António-Pedro Vasconcelos 2010 106 min
20 Romania Meekness Umilinta Catalin Apostol 2011 86 min
21 Slovenia Personal Baggage Osebna Prtljaga Janez Lapajne 2009 124 min
22 Slovakia Apricot Island Marhuľový ostrov Peter Bebjak 2011 102 min
23 Finland If You Love Jos Rakastat Neil Hardwick 2010 121 min
24 Sweden Dear Alice För kärleken Ortman Karim 2010 97 min
25 United Kingdom The Deep Blue Sea The Deep Blue Sea Terence Davies 2011 98 min



Image Credit: Still taken from My Queen Karo




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