Listen: ‘Lunar Lullaby’ By Three Oscillators

Listen: ‘Lunar Lullaby’ By Three Oscillators

18 June 2018

Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane who are, together known as Three Oscillators have released a two-year-old project condensed in a track titled ‘Lunar Lullaby’.

Twinkling chimes to mild 4/4 fit for a toddler’s ears even, ‘Lunar Lullaby’ conjures silver streams of wreath suspended into an electronic mesh. The track does a brilliant job of basing starry chimes in low-key percussions which are almost tribal; evident in the first minute of the track.

Listen to ‘Lunar Lullaby’ below if you’re in the mood for some high pitched twinklers:

You can also listen to Brij Dalvi’s mix for Wild City here. For further updates, you can follow them on Facebook and SoundCloud.


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