Choice Indian Producers Remix Unconventional Science's Debut LP

7 February 2012

Unconventional Science a.k.a Nick Everett is a LA based DJ and producer who recently released his stunning debut LP 'Open With Emotions'.

Having spent a number of months living in India he enlisted the help of a number of Indian producers to provide their take on his unique style of electronica for a follow up remix LP, which (as his debut) has been put out for free download via his Bandcamp. Artists such as Sound Avtar, Jatin Puri, Skeptik, Aditya Arora, and East Stepper all represent India on what is, as a result, a great record.

"I’ve been producing music and spinning records for the last 15 years and have always embraced and released a wide variety of music. My newest project and accompanying remixes are a reflection of that. I wanted to release a remix album featuring many up and coming producers from around the world I have met and worked with. Ultimately I’d like the music to speak for itself but this is an ode to the shrinking of the world via technology and the often overlooked relevance of the past on modern music. Hope you enjoy it." - Unconventional Science

You can download both LP's via the Unconventional Science Bandcamp here. For the remix LP, look no further. It can be heard in full below:



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