Mumbai Based Tienas Releases Debut Mixtape

Mumbai Based Tienas Releases Debut Mixtape

1 June 2018

Mumbai based MC and producer, Tienas has released his debut mixtape titled ‘Unavailable’ via Azadi Records which is a hip-hop wonder of sound samples and melodies.

‘Unavailable’ includes 15 tracks all collaborated on with various producers. Each track on the mixtape is backed by a complex production style, at times including sound samples from the street, whilst also - making for an album compilation that is inspired by Nujabes’ melodic hip-hop aesthetic.

Tienas’ own voice and flow complement the melodic productions with an ease that seeps into the mood of the mixtape. ‘Unavailable’ comes at a time when the Indian hip-hop landscape is seeing a rising number of rappers and producers emerging on the horizon; making this particular release a fresh intervention.

Listen to ‘Unavailable’ as an experimental sound collage pasted over melodic productions and for Tienas’ captivating voice in flow; a fascinating hip-hop release and easily one of the most exciting releases of recent times. With good reason.

Watch the video to the first track on the mixtape, 18th Dec below - created in collaboration with Bombay Arthouse.

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