Chemical Brothers To Release Movie

9 December 2011

Details have recently emerged of Don't Think, The Chemical Brothers concert movie, due for worldwide release on January 26.

This will be the first time one of their live shows has been officially captured on film. Don't Think is also the first concert film to feature Dolby 7:1, surround sound, mixed for the big screen by the band themselves. The film, directed by long-term visual collaborator Adam Smith, was shot at the Chemical Brothers' show at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival on Sunday July 31 2011. 20 cameras were used to catch it all; some placed center stage and others right in thick of the crowd capturing the fan's point of view and all the reactions happening around them. The film has been produced by Marcus Lyall and Lee Groombridge for Ridley Scott's production company RSA Films in association with ML Studio.

The feature will be advance screened at 20 cinemas across 20 cities worldwide on January 26, 2012, ahead of a full cinematic release on February 1 after which it'll be shown on over 500 screens in over 20 territories.

“In the recording of a single show - a single night on a Japanese mountainside - Adam Smith, our long time collaborator, has managed to capture the atmosphere of a very special festival appearance. Come see how it feels to feel, be overwhelmed, intoxicated, swoonerated... Surrender to the void” - Tom Rowlands, Chemical Brothers

Check out the trailer below. Its looks pretty spectacular:




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