Plans To Open Mumbai's Very Own Universal Studios

Film City as most Mumbaikar's would be able to tell you is a set of air-conditioned studios spread over 520 acres in the northern suburn of Goregaon. It's home to a number of recording rooms, gardens, lakes, theatres and grounds that all serve as the venue of many Bollywood film shootings.

The Maharashtra government has recently unveiled plans to make the home of Bollywood a state-of-the-art facility for filmmakers (which it more or less already is) as well as a major tourist attraction, similar to LA's home to Hollywood; Universal Studio's.

Special sections will be built on sets to allow tourists to watch shoots in progress through mirrored walkways that will ensure minimal interference, giving tourists access to shoots, sets and a Bollywood museum being planned on site. Reports are suggesting that production houses will be offered discounts if they hold shoots on sets that are along the virtual tour route.

“We want the Film City to become one of the best places for filmmaking. We also want it to become a sought after tourist spot. However, we won't open the entire Film City for tourism purposes. There will be just few places that will be open to the general public" - Film City



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