Wild City Celebrates Record Store Day With The 2nd Edition Of 'Selectors'

Wild City Celebrates Record Store Day With The 2nd Edition Of 'Selectors'

17 April 2018

With the aim of cultivating and supporting vinyl culture in India, ‘Selectors’ is the 2nd in a series of listening sessions taking place at the Wild City office in New Delhi.

Our motivation for this is to create a regular space that celebrates and grows a vinyl culture in Delhi (and India) by offering an insight into the record collections of artists and individuals from around the world. Not only from DJ’s.

The event celebrates the 11th anniversary of Record Store Day. An internationally recognized event that spans dozens of countries and countless cities. Record Store Day was conceived in 2007 as a way to celebrate and spread the word about this distinctive culture.

In partnership with boxout.fm, we will be live-streaming the entire event - whilst their crew also play some records. Ani Phoebe, Rikki Kher (Kardo) and Munbir Chawla (Wild City) will also be spinning - as well as a special showcase of homegrown Indian releases that came out on vinyl over the last year.

Local cold brew specialists Sleepy Owl will be making cold brew cocktails with the help of Jameson and Beefeater - whilst we’ll also get some beers in courtesy of Bira 91.

We'll be streaming the event and will record everything to be archived at a later date, however, this is open to all.


- Boxout Soundsystem
- Ani Phoebe
- Rikki Kher (Kardo)
- Munbir Chawla (Wild City)


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