Boiler Room & Budweiser To Host ‘Bud X’ In Delhi This December

Boiler Room & Budweiser To Host ‘Bud X’ In Delhi This December

14 November 2017

Boiler Room is coming back to New Delhi. This time around, they’re doing things a little differently.

In partnership with Budweiser Experiences, the global streaming platform will be hosting workshops, talks and performances over 3 days in New Delhi from 6-8 December.

Titled ‘BUDx’, it will be a slew of events featuring masterclasses, lectures, one-off collaborations and, of course, a broadcasted event; Boiler Room and Budweiser aim to shine a spotlight on the development of electronic music in India.

Before his performance at Magnetic Fields Festival, Brainfeeder-affiliate Teebs will be hosting a sit-down masterclass at BUDx alongside Ninja Tune-signees Ash Koosha who will be hosting a one-off exclusive A/V collaboration with jazz percussionist Sarathy Korwar. Adam Bainbridge aka Kindness will also be speaking on the intersection of music cultures and his experience as a diasporic music-maker.

Hosting a deep roster of special guests, both domestic and international, BUDx will also finish off with another party with a line up yet to be announced.

“At Boiler Room, we always want to delve deeper into the how what, why of the scenes that we love. Bud X presents a great new opportunity for us to get more involved on the ground to discuss and deliberate on music culture across the world, starting with New Delhi in December 2017. From panel discussions to masterclasses, one-off collaborations and, of course, great music, we envision Bud X to grow into an online archive that will be a resource not just for fans but also for the scenes that we champion.” - Dean Bryce, head of music programming at Boiler Room.

As always, Boiler Room events will be free to attend. You can RSVP to the event here.


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