The Alipore Post Goes Offline

3 November 2017

The Alipore Post is a newsletter that shares daily art, poetry and music from hidden corners of the internet. The offline version of it is an extension of this virtual space. In the form of a curated day full of activities, The Alipore Post Offline features a range of poetry showcases, music and workshops.

Taking place on 5 November at The Courtyard House in Bangalore, it will have a poetry appreciation session led by Samantak Bhadra and Rohini Kejriwal, the founder of Alipore Post. There will also be several creative workshops from pattern making to bookmaking and binding.

Music performances by Deidra (Nikhil Narendra + Shreyas Dipali), Jeevan Antony and Abhijeet Tambe will round off the day’s programming. Get more details about the event here.

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