Listen: ‘Class-Sikh’ By Prabh Deep

16 October 2017

Prabh Deep’s 12-track debut album, ‘Class-Sikh’ is a vivid manifestation of New Delhi, his city. At times, it’s surreal and too real, epitomised by the lead single and video, ‘Suno’.

Though it would be quick to point out that Prabh’s album focuses on the harsh realities of life on the streets of Delhi, that’s exactly what the rapper is trying to get across. He raps exclusively in Punjabi, but there’s enough controlled vitriol and anger in his voice to have his message transcend language.

‘Class-Sikh’ has bouts of swagger and aggression on it, the kind rarely seen in hip-hop in this country. There’s an injection of humour with the skits parodying the corporate world’s take on Prabh’s music. Prabh, who’s signed to independent record label Azadi Records, feels confident enough to take shots at who he thinks is exploiting the music industry.

Prabh is helped throughout the album by beats exclusively produced by close friend and one of India’s fastest-rising hip-hop producers, Sez On The Beat. Sez ensures that the beats are tailor-made to Prabh’s voice and message. On several songs throughout the album, Prabh may be spitting bars full of moral values but they’re club-ready anthems. Whether you’re nodding along to ‘Suno’, your hands in the air to ‘Oye Oye’ or getting your trigger fingers ready with ‘Click Clack’, the album’s cohesiveness comes through in the flow of it.

Based on his debut album, Prabh’s ability to mix club-ready anthems with intense, intelligent lyrics is a facet that’s already set him apart from the rest.

"These experiences are universal. They're not just here [in Delhi]. Just because I rap only in Punjabi doesn't mean everyone can't understand the experiences." - Prabh Deep

Listen to ‘Class-Sikh’ below and follow him on Facebook for more up-to-date information on tours and music.

Words: Dhruva Balram
Image credit: courtesy of the artist


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