Listen: ‘ZIGGURAT’ By Toymob

25 August 2017

Ashhar Farooqui’s alter ego Toymob is known to defy genres with his production. ‘ZIGGURAT’ - a 5-track EP from the artist - elevates this opinion even higher. Frantic, original beats layered over choppy industrial and metallic notes, Toymob manages to swerve listeners expectations of where each track is going.

‘Shoebite’ has haunting, whispered vocals sitting on top of eerie synths that create a rhythmic onslaught before wrapping up in a buzzing, warbled end. ‘Name’ is aggressive, in-your-face glitchy electronica that feels blistered andbroken yet somehow makes your body react positively.

Each of the tracks on ‘ZIGGURAT’ leaves you wanting more; it seems to push the boundaries of what can be produced and heard on the dancefloor, making this one of the more intriguing releases we’ve heard recently.

‘ZIGGURAT’ was released on Delhi-based record label CIRCUIT, a project initiated by Hashback Hashish a.k.a Ashish Sachan in 2015.

You can listen to the album below and follow Toymob on Facebook and check out more of CIRCUIT’s releases on SoundCloud.




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