First Listen: 'June' by smileswithteeth

6 July 2017

Dream pop artist from Montreal, smileswithteeth has just released 'June' off his forthcoming EP 'Suddenly Constantly'.

After the successful release of 'We Fight In The Prettiest Places', the second single off the EP finds the Los-Angeles born artist leaving the bedroom for the dancefloor.

'June' takes you onto late-night dancefloors with its restrained addictive beat. Repetitively looped vocals hypnotise you as the production floats around making you want to shake off any blues.

After 2015's 'Walk Forever', this new, more confident and polished direction from smileswithteeth shines the spotlight on a bright future for the Knowmad Records-signee.

“June is about the moment before reality comes crashing down, before you realise how long the road back is, when you vow to do better without understanding the weight of that promise.” - smileswithteeth

'Suddenly Constantly' will be made available on 14 July via Mumbai-based label Knowmad Records.

For now, listen below to 'June'.

You can follow smileswithteeth on Facebook and SoundCloud. Keep up-to-date with Knowmad Records here.


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