Listen: Backdrops by K/D/A

5 June 2017

In the last few years, Aniket Vidyadhar has been putting out music under the moniker Blent. His 2013 EP, ‘Dusk’ was a snug compilation of tracks that was made entirely out of sampled content.

The former Consolidate member has just released ‘Backdrops’, his debut EP as K/D/A.

The 3-track EP is a refreshing, original take on house - a stark turn away from Blent. Though it never elevates itself to the point of ‘rave’, each track is measured carefully to toe the line between ambience and a party.

Look out for the immersive, piano-laced opening track ‘Zen Moment’. A hypnotic, warm and well crafted piece of work - it immediately captivates you and sets a direction for his new EP and new alter-ego.

You can listen to ‘Backdrops’ below and follow K/D/A on Facebook and SoundCloud to keep up-to-date with his work.




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