The World’s Smallest Record Player: RokBlok

2 June 2017

The world’s smallest wireless record player, RokBlok plays your favourite records by lightly riding on top of them.

Created by San Francisco-based concept company Pink Donut, RokBlok can be used anywhere which has a flat surface, simply connect it to your headphones, Bluetooth speakers (up to 30 feet!) or use the built-in ones.

Using RokBlok is extremely simple: put the box on top of a record, pull the lever to start playing the tunes and then hold your hand above the moving record player to stop.

The technical prototype for RokBlok was finished in June 2016 with a Kickstarter campaign in December last year. The initial goal was $50,000 which was surpassed 700% with the final count at $351,816 USD.

Designed for vinyl lovers and those new to records as well, RokBlok is a revolutionary device. They aim to ship the first batch of RokBlok devices in September 2017 with the device under a production run at the moment.

Get more information on the product here and follow the RokBlok on Facebook to stay up-to-date for when it hits the market.

Watch the video below to see how it works:



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