Listen: ‘PYAAS - The Thirst’ By IJA

10 April 2017

IJA, the electronic outfit made up of Ashaar Farooqi (Toymob) and Sahil Mendiratta have just released a new EP titled; ‘PYASS - The Thirst.’

The four-track EP is a follow up to their debut release, ‘VitaAmin Sex’. As expected, their description of this work resonates with the idiosyncrasy the group have come to be known for. When asked for a quote on the album, the response was a simple “Tel aur amla” (oil and gooseberry). Followed by , “Oh no Dhruva! What have you just asked us? Quickly shut all doors and windows, get a candle and light it. Chanting for you now, "any holy spirit passing by please protect our dear friend Dhruva”.”

Clearly, the eccentricity of the group hasn’t dissipated and we’re all the happier for it, especially with this latest release. On their earlier project, there was a sense of rawness about it - absurdity seemed more important than refinement. In this case, there’s an equal balance between the two, allowing ‘PYASS - The Thirst’ to be a great listen.

Each track in the EP retains a sense of distinctiveness within in, allowing the EP to flow effortlessly. Starting with ‘Killing My Wonder’ right through to ‘Bewafai’, IJA use samples unearthed from the most obscure of places, ad-libs that come in just at the right time and instruments that sonically never overpower you.

Give ‘PYASS - The Thirst’ a listen below and purchase it on Bandcamp. You can follow IJA on Soundcloud and Facebook for more.

Image credit: IJA



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