First Listen: ‘Idea Stretch Issue 1’ By BODYTOXIC

29 March 2017

Wild City received an email from REProduce boss-man Rana Ghose last week with a track by mysterious production outfit BODYTOXIC. When we heard it, we knew we had our next exclusive first listen. The anonymity of the artist/imprint/project makes it the kind-of distinctive REProduce venture we’ve come to expect… and love.

BODYTOXIC is no stranger to the absurd. Part of a new entity called COPING STRATEGIES, BODYTOXIC’s first output is the house-y ‘Idea Stretch Issue 1’.

Though it’s hard to pigeonhole the sound, the release could be interpreted as their take on house, deep-house, techno all mashed together in a smorgasbord and served in a palatable dish. Skewing the idea of what we know, ‘Idea Stretch Issue 1’ is a fresh take on what we’ve all become accustomed to when it comes to electronic music.

COPING STRATEGIES is coming into the public realm soon and will also work as an imprint. Under the REProduce umbrella, COPING STRATEGIES are remaining purposefully mysterious until their official launch.

“BODYTOXIC is a project that tends to expand on the more absurd/outsider side of house/techno and other forms of linear dance music, sometimes deforming the structure of such music as part of a whimsical process. Expect a BODYTOXIC album coming out on CS - an album full of paranoid 303 basslines.” - BODYTOXIC/COPING STRATEGIES

You can listen to an exclusive preview of ‘Idea Stretch Issue 1’ below. Follow COPING STRATEGIES on SoundCloud here and REProduce on Facebook here:



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