Listen: Worms’ Cottage’s New Project, Chir Pine

20 March 2017

Bangalore-based producer Worms’ Cottage has recently put out some new music under the name 'Chir Pine'. The announcement came via social media where he simply stated; “over the past three years I've made a few tracks that I didn't want to release through Worms' Cottage, so I've started another SoundCloud page called Chir Pine.”

'Resting Flower’ is an upbeat, energetic track that straddles the line between afro-pop and ambient electronica, that builds, dips and builds again warping itself into a melodic, soulful ending unlike his second upload; 'Dreamy Farm Extended' - uploaded this morning - more of an ambient lo-fi tune.

Definitely excited to hear more from this project.

You can listen to the two tracks below and follow Chir Pine on Soundcloud here and Worms Cottage here.


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