First Listen: 'slowdowngf' by Profound

17 February 2017

Delhi-based producer Profound has just put out the second single, ‘slowdowngf’, from his upcoming EP, ‘fre$h.’ The track, reminiscent of peak-Dilla, is a throwback to the golden age of hip-hop, that boom-bap era that seems forgotten but is masterfully brought back into the spotlight through Profound’s work.

Part of the up-and-coming Knowmad imprint, Profound’s upcoming EP marks a significant year for the producer. Following the recent upload of 'Sentences for Dilla', today marks another single release in anticipation of his EP.

'slowdowngf' kicks off with a strong sample warning everyone, including his audience, of his impending rise: the kind of braggadocio that’s often missing in hip-hop and one that was littered throughout Dilla’s work. The samples and acapella chops are placed strategically through the tracks, as a way of sending out a message.

“It's about the scene, here. We make the scene exist. I feel music makers should think about what they're giving out to the universe. The vibes and the frequencies they send out, they'll only multiply and hit you back if you're sending out negative energies. But this is art, we are creators. We have a certain responsibility, maybe towards depicting our era, our generation or maybe even the future. I feel my music should give you futuristic insights but with the use of past/ ancient knowledge. So I go old school hip-hop to make future beats.” - Profound

‘fre$h’ is due out on Monday, 20 February. Follow Profound on his Facebook page here and for more updates from Knowmad Records, check out their page here.

Wild City has an exclusive first listen of ‘slowdowngf’ below.

Image credit/Artwork: Jayesh Joshi


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