Jackmaster Publicly Denounces Misogyny In The Music Industry

6 February 2017

It’s no secret that sexism within the music industry is prevalent. Rampant misogyny filters down through every level of the business, influencing decisions which affect talented women from getting a foot in the door. In a series of tweets on Sunday afternoon, Jackmaster called out misogyny in the music industry.

He took to the social media site to say, “To hear the things that I heard said about females in the industry tonight were fucking not acceptable.”

His tweets were articulate and concise, stating “powerful males behind the scenes” are the problem. Fellow artists were quick to praise Jackmaster for speaking out publicly, especially after he acknowledged he was echoing what Black Madonna had previously stated.

His series of tweets criticising the music industry can be seen below.

Image credit [main]: Redbull
Image credit [thumb]: mixmag



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