Vaayu Vision Collective Presents Origin Stories Showcase

26 December 2016

Vaayu Vision is a Goa based collective of artists that aims to support a culturally unique community that encourages sustainability and art.

Nestled in the Vaayu Village in Goa, the collective is embodied in the gallery and studios within the area and its artists often travel around the world to display their work. It’s been three years since this bustling community began, and the team is celebrating with a day long, special anniversary showcase of music and art called Origin Stories, on 27 December at Eco Woods in Morjim.

Origin Stories will depict the universe’s journey from the beginning of everything to now through sound art, live painting, projection mapping, creative stage design and installations.

The one-day fest will also feature a musical lineup, which will include Alchemix, Zoya Mohan, Tarqeeb, Ez Riser, Zokhuma and more.

The Vaayu team had also made their way down to middle of the desert for the Magnetic Fields Festival which took place earlier this month, creating a fresco on the walls of the local school and live painting canvasses in the palace. Alexander Lyle and Ryan Uzilevsky also worked tirelessly to create their incredible installation ‘Immeasurable Distances’, pictured above.

Origin Stories looks very promising and we strongly suggest you head on down to Morjim if you’re in Goa tomorrow. Event details available here. Follow the Vision Collective on Facebook for more information and updates.

Image credit (thumb & main): Abhishek Shukla


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