Listen: Lowlit Releases ‘MASH’ Playlist

14 November 2016

Record label, artist collective and multi-platform cultural curator Lowlit (an initiative of Nikhil Kaul and Vishnu PS, a.k.a. Frame/Frame and Soulspace respectively) has just released a compilation playlist featuring music created during their collaborative BeatDesk workshops in Mumbai and Bangalore, called ‘MASH’.

The four-track collection of music features music created by the producers within 45 minutes on the spot at Beatdesk, using randomly selected samples. The most promising pieces were then fleshed out into proper tracks and mastered over the next couple of weeks, for the ‘MASH’ playlist.

Album opener ‘If A Tree Falls’ by Escape Sequence is a bright start to the collection that sets the mood for ‘MASH’ before it segues seamlessly to the more upbeat, vocal sample heavy ‘Extant’ by Three Oscillators. Ninja follows with the impressive ‘2 Sides’ before Disco Puppet (responsible for this beauty) ends things with the predictably weird and wonderful ‘Grape’.

You can listen to ‘MASH’ in its entirety below. The duo has hinted that BeatDesk will be travelling to more cities soon; follow Lowlit on Facebook for updates and SoundCloud for more music.


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