Watch: Monica Dogra Releases Surreal New Video For ‘Shiver’

26 September 2016

Indian indie icon Monica Dogra has released a surreal new video for ‘Shiver’ from her album ‘Spit’, which was released earlier this year via Universal Music.

Dogra’s visual accompaniments and live performances have always been an integral part of her musical persona, so it comes as no surprise how much effort has gone into the making of ‘Shiver’ – one of the strongest tracks from the album (also the subject of a lot of controversy and painfully long-winded comment-sections last year).

Noise aside, the video for ‘Shiver’s’ all done and it might be our favourite from the musician yet. Dogra’s roped in an award winning crew for this and it shows. The whole thing’s beautifully shot and directed, the central figure (dancer Reshma Gajjar) does a great job at evoking a sense of the surreal and magical (despite an admittedly questionable leotard). Its entire aesthetic - lots of distinctly feminine tropes and motifs to match the spoken word poetry and lyrics set amongst the dark halls and empty vastness of a deserted theatre - works beautifully with the song’s heaviness.

Watch the video for ‘Shiver’ below and follow Monica Dogra on Facebook for updates.


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