You Can Now Get Your Music Mastered For Free on SoundCloud

1 June 2016

SoundCloud recently announced a partnership with music mastering company LANDR, which will allow its users to get free track optimisation for the online streaming and distribution platform.

The step is aimed towards SoundCloud’s original target audience of music makers as opposed to music consumers. LANDR, which launched last year, claims to provide “a quality finish like any major label artist with a budget”, which you can get simply by uploading your track to the cloud. The finished piece can then be exported directly to SoundCloud.

A LANDR spokesperson told RA: “We use exactly the same algorithms but we did some research to find the best output for optimising the sound of any track on the SoundCloud streaming format.

“The optimised tracks will only be hosted on SoundCloud and not in LANDR’s track library. It is really aimed at streaming on SoundCloud. If a user wants to get a proper master, they will have to buy it from LANDR in HD WAV, WAV or high or low-res mp3 formats.”

While it’s an interesting feature for young new producers to try out, we’re not sure how much we buy it. The good people at Ars Technica tested it out for themselves just a couple of days ago and expressed their doubts in a detailed and informative article, not too subtley called ‘SoundCloud’s Free “Auto-Mastering” Audio Tool Is More Of An Auto-Turd’.

The feature is free for SoundCloud users with a LANDR account. Test it out and let us know about your experiences in the comments below.



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