Ma Faiza Begins Extensive Maximum Tour 2016

31 May 2016

India’s mother of progressive house, Ma Faiza is currently on her yearly Maximum Tour, which is set to cover a whopping 20+ cities in India and will also be heading to Kathmandu in Nepal.

Ma Faiza has done more in her tours than just simply attracting crowds – last year, she’s also contributed significant sums towards the victims of the Nepal earthquake by auctioning personally handcrafted ‘Magic Hats’. Apart from her parties, the 2015 tours hosted workshops and other events.

Ma Faiza will be touring through 24 cities over the course of the next two months, focussing more on smaller cities because as she tells Vh1 - “In smaller cities, you can see people weep at my gigs, scream at them, go mad, have maximum energy...”

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