KillZen's New EP 'Real Eyes, Realise, Real Lies.'

KillZen's New EP 'Real Eyes, Realise, Real Lies.'

24 August 2022

KillZen, the electronic duo of Abishek Chaturvedi and Anannya Gupta, recently released the EP 'Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies.' via their label Strangers Lost In Paradise, branching out from their usual fare of techno for an outing inclining towards downtempo but with the grit and darkness of the former style.

Over the 3-track release, with each track corresponding to the 3 parts of the EP title, the pair walks one through the cycle of finding and loving something that seems pure, finding the darkness and grit behind it and then feeling the disappointment and regret at the end of it. Even without the hint of the description, the numbers traverse contrasting moods while adhering to a similar style – successfully reflecting the feeling of having a revelation with the cinematic melodies on 'Realise' and the sombreness of regret with the spaciousness of 'Real Lies'.

Listen to the EP below and follow KillZen for more.




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