Listen: Ioish Release Debut EP ‘We Move The Sky’

21 January 2016

Ioish is a three piece New Delhi based band who have just released their debut EP ‘We Move The Sky’ via Pepsi MTV Indies. The band will be playing tonight on 21 January at antiSOCIAL in New Delhi for The Lost Party pre-gig alongside SundogProject and Karajimo.

It might be a bit of a premature evaluation (the EP came out only last night), but so far, we’re mighty impressed with what Ioish offers on ‘We Move The Sky’. With immediately recognisable influences coming from your typical canonical post-rock outfits (Explosions In The Sky, Hammock, God Is An Astronaut – you know this list), ‘We Move The Sky’ delivers that larger than life, epic swell in sound (hence feels), which sets the genre apart. More than anything, Ioish gives us an EP that sounds like as a singular, unified entity as opposed to a set of unrelated, albeit decent tracks (the concomitant blight of singles culture or, this is why we need to start listening to and making whole albums again).

Like the EP title, ‘We Move The Sky’s wistful album art by Saloni Sinha is stylised around the dreamy, awe inducing aesthetic that is a prerequisite for any post-rock album, and depicts stingrays gliding over craggy, blue-tinted mountains.

Listen to ‘We Move The Sky’ below in its entirety. Follow Ioish on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates and further information. Ioish is Vaibhav Bhutani, Abhinav Chaudhary and Anshull Lall.

Ioish’s mettle will be put to the test tonight the Lost Party pre-gig, where we should also hopefully learn how to pronounce their name. The band will be performing alongside SundogProject (who’ve just released a lovely Bjork cover, possibly to distract us from the fact that their album still isn’t out) and the electronic solo venture of Viraj Mohan – Karajimo. Click here for gig details.

Art credit: Saloni Sinha
Words: Diya Gupta



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