Listen: Sandunes Releases ‘Unfinish’ EP

3 December 2015

“Earlier this year while on tour in the US, I lost 2 of my hard drives which contained the project files of all of the music I had been working on for the past couple of years. The only remains of this music - unfinished low quality files that I can't necessarily do anything with.

I've decided to go ahead and get the existing uploads mastered as an ode to my hard-drives (RIP wherever you are)! Perhaps losing them was a big fat blessing in disguise - I may never have found the courage to share this music otherwise!”

The story above testifies that if anyone knows how to turn a bad situation around, it’s Sandunes. She’s made the most out of losing years worth of effort documented in two hard-drives (sorry about it rubbing it in, Sanaya) by releasing a 4 track EP that contains the final remnants of her music.

She also managed to rope in Pythagoras design for her album art, which depicts blooming flowers, butterflies and birds emerging out of the cracked heart of a deceased hard drive.

We really did feel for Sandunes after listening to ‘Unfinish’ – some of the sounds in there are different to anything we’ve heard from the Mumbai based artist in the past (though recognisably Sandunes). This applies, in particular to ‘E.P.P.S (Ft. DAHLAK)’, a song that includes some pretty solid vocals courtesy Dahlak Brathwaite.

You can listen to ‘Unfinish’ in its entirety below and support Sandunes by purchasing it here on Bandcamp. Follow her on Facebook for updates.




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