Krameri & Frappe Ash Collaborate On 'drug$ mafia'

Krameri & Frappe Ash Collaborate On 'drug$ mafia'

5 January 2022

New Delhi rapper and Full Power-member Akshay Rawat aka Frappe Ash and Gujarat-born Damini Chauhan aka Krameri just released their collaborative single 'drug$ mafia'.

The track particularly provides a contrasting presence in Krameri's work, who shifts from singing introspective or reflective personal narratives to join the rapper in providing a fictional narrative of a drug dealer and his girlfriend. While the lyrics themselves do not take a stand on the issue, the dark delivery style from the two artists and the sparse trap beat lends a cautionary light to the track's message, which Frappe Ash explains: "The song is inspired by youth culture, class disparity and underage substance abuse. In no way does this song promote substance abuse, it is merely an artistic reflection of a certain situation."

Listen to it below:


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