Lowlit: New Artist Collective, Culture Platform And Record Label Launches

28 July 2015

Delhi based musician Nikhil Kaul, known better as Frame/Frame has joined forced with producer Vishnu PS, a.k.a. Soulspace to form Lowlit – a record label, artist collective and multi-platform cultural curator all rolled into one.

The announcement was made via Facebook – here’s what Kaul had to say:

“So excited to announce the birth of Lowlit, a record label that Vishnu a.k.a. SOULSPACE and I have started to push forward-thinking Indian electronica. We strongly believe that there is a huge pool of electronic music talent in the country but often gets lost somewhere inside the massive labyrinth known as the internet. The goal is to find this music and curate it in such a manner that it becomes much easier to find on the international map. We have some very exciting plans for the future, which I'm psyched about sharing with you guys soon. Up until then, show your support” - Frame / Frame

The details are yet to be announced but we’re always on board with anyone trying to push the Indian music circuit in the right direction, and we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for any news from Lowlit.

Follow the collective on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates.


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