Hard Rock Cafe Launches New Electronic Dance Music Property - ‘Insanium’

15 July 2015

Music venue, restaurant and bar Hard Rock Cafe has just announced their new ‘EDM’ focused club night, ‘Insanium’.

The club property launches in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai cities on 18 July. The capital will see power-packed performances by house/techno duo Bass Pilots, Mojojojo, a.k.a. Akshay Johar and Goa based producer Anish Sood. Spryk, ace beatmaker Big City Harmonics and DnB/dub artist Sound Avtar will play in Mumbai, while Bangalore will see music by psy artist Braindrop, experimental producer Blent and the ever-versatile Jitter.

With a lineup like that, needless to say, Insianium will have something for everyone and will accomodate the growing audiences for electronic dance music. You can also expect food, cocktails, and visual displays to match the high level of energy they’re aiming to create.

You can have a look at the details for the launch parties in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore by clicking the links. Follow Hard Rock Cafe on Facebook for more information.



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