Wild City Launches New PR Wing: City Press

4 June 2015

We would like to think of ourselves as purveyors of alternative culture - continuously trying to push music that is exciting and fresh. And every time a great mix lands in our inbox, we can’t wait to introduce raw new talent to the scene. Our last two tours saw Austrian act HVOB and German producer Parra For Cuva play heaving rooms around the country supported by some of India's most exciting up and coming producers and musicians.

We are now attempting to take this highly nuanced,​ curatorial approach a step further with the launch of our very own music PR agency, City Press. In a rapid changing creative environment, City Press seek​s ​to fill the gaps as the music ​'scene​'​ transitions to a music industry.

With years of experience in the music and media industry, City Press is where you ​will ​find a personalised, engaging and bespoke communication strategy for your band, career, event or campaign.

If you have something that you would like our opinion on, or a project that needs a plan of action, drop us a line at info@thecitypress.in.

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