Watch: Shaa'ir + Func Release New Video For 'Stay'

1 April 2015

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say Shaa’r + Func is the most successful Indian indie act as of now. After the busy 2014 which saw the duo perform at the Glastonbury festival, the launch of Monica Dogra’s solo project and the release of the ‘Align’ LP; the Indie veterans have just released a fresh new video for the song ‘Stay’, created by Swiss photographer and filmmaker Joel Sames.

S+F formed in 2005, when Randolph Correia and Monica Dogra met each other at a party. They understood the others connection to music immediately, and have since then released a number of albums, touring and performing at festivals across the world.

‘Stay’, their second video from their new album, sees its creator Joel Sames look at the state of Mumbai’s nightlife at a time when restrictions were at their peak and parties had to be held, quite literally, at underground locations, hidden form the public eye. The darting, distorting techniques employed, like stop motion and still animation, make for a surreal experience.

"The goal was to make a dynamic, high-contrast and fast moving time document of Mumbai’s underground music and party scene. Using the empty building as a venue gave that warehouse feeling to it. At the height of Mumbai's restrictions on nightlife, events were forced to take place at underground places like this. It was good to move away from the fancy AC nightclubs for once and get to the essence of what alternative youth culture is: To create spaces for themselves by themselves." – Joel Sames

You can watch the video for ‘Stay’ below and follow Shaa’ir + Func on Facebook for updates and SoundCloud for more music.

Words: Diya Gupta


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